Alexandros Roustas

Alexandros Roustas

Managing Director, IQbility

Alexandros runs the program and manages relationships with mentors, partners and investors.

He started his career as a research associate in the National Technical University of Athens and he then moved to Attica Telecom. Attica Telecom developed and operated the first private fiber optic network in Greece, disrupting the local wholesale telecom services market. The company was acquired by HoL in 2006 for 50M euros. He then joined Link S.A., a specialized broadband network developer and telecom equipment distributor serving the largest telecom operators in the region. During his career he has served several operations and business roles. Alexandros has also been involved in various consulting projects of the private and public sector.

Alexandros holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration, both from the National Technical University of Athens.

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