Chris Habachy

Chris Habachy

Co-founding partner of Charge Ventures

Chris is a co-founding partner of Charge Ventures since early 2015. Chris through Charge’s 1st seed stage fund has invested in startups from various sectors mainly in NYC (marketplaces, VR, AI, messaging, healthcare, logistics, etc.).

Since 2011, he has been a local partner with Parkerlane Group, a technology enabled returns management solutions company based in London, UK. From 2009 to 2012 he was an investment manager at Atlas Global Ventures, a PE House where he focused on Healthcare and F&B companies. Prior to that, he worked as a BusDev manager in Alpha Trading and Shipping Agencies, a leading Saudi Arabia food commodity agency. He has built his own social gaming network and digital signage companies.

He is an active alumni mentor at the University of San Francisco School of Business, where he earned his MBA back in 2002 with a concentration in e-business.

Finally, he is a volunteer with African Impact and has visited Africa several times for different projects. He has spent significant time in the US, Middle East and Greece. He is married and has a 2 yr old boy.