In an era of digital transition of companies around the world and the emergence of new business models and practices centered on human capital and new digital tools, there is a pressing need to support and highlight the opportunities that arise for the Greek economy.

FortuneGreece, the leader in business news, Industry Disruptors-Game Changers (ID-GC), the organization that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and extraversion with an emphasis on startups and Papastratos, the largest tobacco products company in Greece, introduce a new, major innovation circle.

Innovation circle aims to deliver the NEXT GENERATION of startups

  • A new platform that takes innovative ideas and companies into a full development circle, involving recruitment – training – competition –funding – support.
  • Innovation circle recruits promising teams and trains them to perform in a live challenge, the Disrupt Greece Event at 29 June, taking place during a signature meet – up of the Greek entrepreneurial community.
  • Cash prizes are reserved for winners as they enter the final and most demanding stage of their circle. They go on to receive further structured business, media support & training until their development circle is complete and their prizes are released.
  • Throughout the circle, participating teams are systematically evaluated by experts, live audience and mentors.

Our aim is to highlight a growth model that can become the ideal ‘role model’ for the Greek economy, focusing on the new technologies, innovation, talent and flexibility that characterize Greek startups – companies that can disrupt, thereby leading to the desirable restart.

The innovation circle not only provides a tribune for new companies to ‘speak’ about their ideas, products and services, but also strengthens their efforts by guiding young entrepreneurs, offering them valuable tools, and putting them in touch with experienced partners and mentors who will contribute to their development. Furthermore, it paves the way for the participation of the entrepreneurs to international events and their access to a special business audience, secured by the presence of Fortune and ID-GC.

The innovation circle, supported by Papastratos involves three basic stages:

  • Recruitment: The process of assembling, assessing and selecting the new companies that will participate in the process and will have the opportunity to present themselves. Applications closed at 12 June 2017.
  • Live Challenge: Disrupt Greece by Fortune – ID is a major event that will take place on June 29 (ΠΡΟΟΡΙΣΜΟΣ ΠΑΠΑΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ), with PAPASTRATOS as the main sponsor and with the support of companies and institutional actors. The ten teams that will be selected through the recruitment process will compete in the event, presenting their business plans and participating in simulation activities that will put them in touch with the market.
  • Pivot & Exit: The event is only the start. For the ten teams, a special pivot program will be designed by ID-GC, aimed at providing them with access to services such as mentoring, coaching, international networking and media exposure.

The new platform also aims to make an impact at several levels :

  • Attract new talent by revitalizing the existing startup competition format.
  • Address changing needs and different growth stages with 360° support to winners.
  • Cultivate new paradigms and role models for business development and growth.
  • Connect the dots within the ecosystem and facilitate collaboration.
  • Engage key ecosystem actors in mentorship roles.
  • Map the Greek startup ecosystem and provide an accurate account of its current state
  • So if you are a promising team, join the circle, innovate the future (Link to register).

Tasos Zachos, Editor in Chief Fortune