Innovation Circle


Disrupt Greece Live Challenge Finalists

The 10 finalists are evaluated for their pitch by both a panel of judges and the live audience (online polling) and their simulation performance. These scores together with their business plan score from the previous stage are added to produce the final ranking.

Innovation Services

ID-GC will provide personalized business development roadmaps and implement:

  • A 360° support leading to optimization of business models and formulation of business plans.
  • ID-GC will provide uncompromised access to mentor and coach pools to advice, guide and validate marketing, communication, product and business development strategies.
  • Depending on the business needs, admission to incubation and acceleration programs is guaranteed through 
  • ID-GC’s participation in international networking and competitions.

Cash Prizes


1st winner 15.000€

2nd winner 10.000€

3rd winner 5.000€

Media Program

Fortune offers to the finalists the practical knowledge they need to maximize their opportunities. Winners of the live challenge will receive a media plan by Fortune.

Our insight, their success!

Interviews and articles on their experience during the innovation circle. Mentoring, coaching and media training // consulting by Fortune team

A connection to the Fortune Mobilizers – an elite, engaged audience.

So, the next time it’s their call, they will be ready.

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21 May 2017

Η άλλη πλευρά των startups που μένει στο «σκοτάδι»

Το «post-mortem» της codebender – Τα πολύτιμα μαθήματα από τα λάθη μιας εταιρείας που απέτυχε. ...

18 May 2017

Γιατί οι ειδικοί της αγοράς «ψηφίζουν» Disrupt Greece!

Ποιοι συμμετέχουν ως κριτές και γιατί περιμένουν την ιδέα σου στο μεγάλο διαγωνισμό Disrupt Greece. ...

16 May 2017

Linda Plano: Μόνο έτσι μπορεί να γίνει η Ελλάδα ένα πραγματικό startup nation

Όσοι βρίσκονται στο χώρο των startups και δεν γνωρίζουν το όνομα Linda Plano, τότε είναι βέβαιο ότι πρέπει να ανοίξουν τους ορίζοντές τους και...

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